Catawba Care of York County Goes Live

The Hive launches a new website for Catawba Care. Providing educational and medical resource information about HIV/AIDS is the focus of Catawba Care. Their message remains timely. Their need to deliver it effectively is critical. Their desire to promote optimal health for York, Chester and Lancaster Counties is one filled with compassion. With these factors in mind, Catawba Care felt it was time to refresh their website.

Under RevenFlo Web Team’s professional direction, students at The Hive began development of a new website for Catawba Care (CC). Visions for the new site included informative videos, interactive forms and written text presented in a thoughtful, welcoming format. Hive students hit a home run in creating a website in line with Catawba Care’s mission. The new site supports their effort to provide medical care and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS.  It also highlights CC’s mission to educate the community about the prevention and spread of HIV. The sites renewed, professional appearance, ease of navigation, and ability to grow with the needs of Catawba Care bring renewed energy to the valuable work they do.