Content Generation and Management

“Content is king!” It’s been said many times in terms of the web, and there is much truth to this statement. Design and technical functionality ultimately serve to present content. Content exists in the following forms:

    Text – Copy, Articles, Blogs, Newsletters, Books, etc.

    Visuals – Graphs, Charts, Illustrations, etc.

    Audio – Podcasts, Telephone Tips, Audio Products, etc.

    Video – Webinars, Video Blogs, Video Products, etc.


Every website needs text.

  • Strategic copy detailing company information, services, processes, and pricing
  • Articles covering elements of a particular industry
  • Tangible, physical content-heavy items like books, toolkits, etc.
  • Blogging
  • Promotion specific copy
  • and more

What is your plan for content on your site?


Anyone who has sat through a presentation or taken a class can appreciate the power of visuals.


Use the controls available to listen to the audio about using audio on your website.


Use the controls available to watch the video about using video on your website.