Duke Mansion GM Lauds American Leadership Forum Charlotte Region

In a recent interview with Becky Farris, Duke Mansion General Manager, Winthrop University and York Tech students at The Hive in Rock Hill, SC hone their strategic use of web video as an Internet marketing tool while spotlighting an impressive, regional non profit.

As a spring semester project, Hive students highlight graduates of the American Leadership Forum – Charlotte Region (ALF) and the diverse strengths they bring to solving community problems. Becky Farris of Duke Mansion is proud to be counted among ALF graduates from year ten. In her web video, Ms. Farris talks about the many levels in which the program impactes her professional and personal life. She continues to be impressed with the positive outcomes ALF Fellow and Senior Fellow members bring to community issues. Issues that often require leaders to work beyond region and state lines to find resolution.

Under professional guidance from RevenFlo Web Team, Hive students will continue interviewing regional ALF graduates throughout the semester. Not only are students building their Internet marketing skills, they are providing an opportunity for the local community to learn about ALF and their concept of building diverse leaders who understand the benefits of collaboration.