Free to be Authentic. Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group Launches New Website


With a previous website built on a national insurance template, Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group’s site was proving to be too confining. For over two decades, Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group (CIIG) has been leveraging their professional expertise and plan flexibility to meet clients changing needs. Over time, CIIG has experienced changing needs of their own. Positive changes within the organization needed to be share. CIIG’s new growth, new ideas, new product information and new resources needed a new marketing avenue.

RevenFlo Web Team, using WordPress content management system and heavy customization, created a website giving Carolinas Insurance & Investment Group the flexibility they were looking for as well as a refreshed brand identity. The original template-based website simply could not preform the functions necessary for CIIG to effectively market their services. Now, with their new, robust website, Carolinas Insurance & Investments has the freedom to create a commanding and authentic Internet presence.