Maximizing Future Successes of York County, SC Children

Create a resource hub that fosters and supports early childhood development and beyond. This is the vision of David Lisk, Sr – Executive Director York County First Steps located in Rock Hill, SC. Lisk’s vision expands beyond state wide organization, South Carolina First Steps, norms. More than a kindergarten readiness program, David Lisk wants York County First Steps (YCFS) to be known as the early childhood development “go to” organization for connecting parents and their children to much needed resources.

David Lisk’s strategy, formulated during his time in the private sector, includes steps such as maximizing the contribution of his board, developing a strong community buy in, and, building a professional and powerful marketing presence. Lisk has experienced the effectiveness of Internet Marketing and wants to harness the power of the Web for York County First Steps. To create the robust website —one that will grow with the organization’s scope of work and become a viable marketing tool— YCFS has hired RevenFlo Web Team to design and develop the new website. Once launched, visitors to the site will have easy access to early childhood development professionals and resources specific to their needs.