Harris Communications Presents One-Page Free Estimate Offer

RevenFlo is working with Harris Communications to present their core offering to the those who can benefit most from it. Harris Communications makes cell phones work in buildings. They set up local infrastructure and systems to boost the cell signals of all the carriers in your in-building dead zones. To ultimately provide this service, Harris must gather a certain set of data on the building in question and then provide a quote. This is inherently part of the process by which they serve people.

On the other side of that coin, there are people who want to eliminate the problem posed by the fact that no one can get a cell signal inside their building. These ready consumers know that they need to get to someone and provide information in order to get an estimate. It’s just part of the process.

web marketing for cellular IT solutions

In doing this project with Harris, we are seeking to use the Web to bring two desirous parties together in a win-win. The consumer is using the Web to seek a solution. Harris has a solution and is using the Web to communicate it clearly to those who are searching for it.

We are using paid search and SEO to get the message in front of people who are qualifying themselves with search. We are using the website to clearly communicate the solution AND to initiate contact AND to facilitate the exchange of data.

We are very pleased with the whole idea. Let’s see what the market has to say about it.