Hosting Consultation and Management

RevenFlo will establish and manage your hosting accounts to the degree you want us to. The vendor relationship will be between you and the hosting company. RevenFlo will be logging hours to do any hosting-related tasks on behalf of the client.

How Does RevenFlo Add Value in Web Hosting?

For some clients, we don’t add much value to their hosting situation. If you are inclined to work directly with the hosting company (call them if site is down, log-in yourself to create email accounts, etc.), then paying RevenFlo to do these things would be a waste of your money. We only add value to those who want us to take care of everything for them. Many busy professionals don’t have the time, the knowledge, or the inclination to worry about web hosting issues. They just want us to take care of it and report to them any pertinent information. You play it how it suits you best.