International Center of York County Receives Weblift

The International Center of York County (ICYC), established in 2003, has seen tremendous growth in the international community which it serves. Their programs, supporting outreach and advocacy, have been growing as well. Currently, ICYC is faced with the challenges of outgrowing their current website.

With a mission aimed to educate and empower, having a website that provides easy management of content and marketing versatility could greatly enhance their effectiveness. The Hive, in its third semester of operation, has students from York Tech and Winthrop University who are familier with the unique challenges facing non-profits. When it comes to website development, design and marketing, these students also know the solutions.

Over the course of the semester, under RevenFlo Web Team’s professional leadership, The Hive will create a new website customized to support the growing needs of ICYC and the community they serve.