Lead Generation and Tracking

A website can be used specifically as a lead generation tool. Usually, the most effective way to achieve this is to focus the website on one conversion and keep it simple. The whole site must be built around the attempt to get the right person to do something specific (fill out a form, usually).

Not only do you focus on one conversion, but on one demographic and (sometimes) one motivation.

Often the most difficult part of the project is to a achieve a commitment to specificity by the client. Focusing on one action and person and motivation takes sacrifice. There is just too strong of a tendency (and we feel it ourselves in our own marketing) to say… “But we also… and we also… and we need to mention that we also…”. If lead generation is the SOLE purpose of the site, then it’s best to sacrifice all except one. Focus on one type of person, with one type of motivation, doing one thing.

To increase your leads through improving traffic and increasing conversion rate, you will need to track visitor behavior. We use a group of tools for this task. We then interpret the data and suggest changes to the site.