Liz Winterburn on Jason Broadwater’s Authenticity Presentation

Jason of RevenFlo presented Thursday, February 17 for the York County Small Business Council‘s Marketing Seminar.  A group of attentive small business leaders from all over York County listened as both Jay Rinehart and Jason Broadwater spoke.  On Jason’s presentation entitled, Authenticity and Value in Your Marketplace, Liz Winterburn of The Palmetto Bank said,

“I just wanted to let you know that I received some great take-aways from your presentation yesterday.  The emphasis on presence and its association to long term thinking was fantastic.  I have been in many sales seminars over the years and this was such a great way to look again at the sales process.  I love when it is as simple as seeing the forest through the trees.  The best things in life are always as simple as this.  Thank you very much for sharing all of your ideas.  I have been in banking and helping meet the needs of others with their finances for more years, more than I like to mention, and it is wonderful to see through someone else’s fresh pair of eyes. It has given me some much needed excitement to do what I do.”

Jason will be speaking again in March for HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) credits.