Necessity #8: Analytics [from Web Marketing Nine]

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Nine Necessities of Web Marketing for Service Businesses and Organizations
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You can act, and there will be reaction. That’s never in question. Thus, doing something always affects change, but how much change and in what way altered and to what effect? These are the questions. The only way to know the degree to which your actions are effective is to define or articulate “effective” and interpret results in light of this articulation.

In other words, you must have a goal to know whether you are making progress. Moreover, you need defined objectives to track and manage actions and investments.

In terms of Web Marketing, your basic goal and objectives determine how you
use the Web, what you will build and manage, and more. Your website, for example, will be built around these objectives. The site will be built to facilitate actions that work toward the attaining of your objectives.

When looking at your web analytics, you basically looking at two things: traffic and behavior. In terms of traffic, you want to increase the amount of good traffic (the right people in the right place). In terms of the behavior, you want to function as a tool that enables the visitor to pursue you further.

More specifically with conversion tracking, there are two major considerations, the number of opportunities for conversion (traffic) and the number of successful conversions (behavior).