Necessity #9: Offline Integration [from Web Marketing Nine]

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Web Marketing Nine:
Nine Necessities of Web Marketing for Service Businesses and Organizations
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A website does not exist in a vacuum. It exists in a community of minds and media, a colloquial culture. It reflects your core values and presents your ideal brand, communicates your value and details your services, provides a due diligence resource for referrals and others, professionally positions you in the perception of the community, and more.

So, keep in mind what business is: Business is managing a system of activity that perpetually provides win/win situations. And keep in mind with whom these situations exist: each with an individual, each individual part of a community of people. And these people aren’t sitting around and looking at your website all day. These people are concerned about their own businesses and families and habits and desires. And on top of that they are inundated with information. And on top of that, much of that information is blast marketing media. The volume of our environment is cranking loud with sometimes predatory marketing and with constant attention-getting-efforts being made by repetitive messages. It’s like being surrounded by 5 year olds who want to tell an adult about the clown that just left the room.

So, these surrounded, taxed adults are your audience, they are us, everybody. So, how do you form a relationship with them? Well, surely not by being another voice in the crazy clown room. Imagine a man enters that room of children and walks to you and says: “We provide quality service for people in need of widgets and widget services.” Wow, what a great television commercial that would be. (Hey, anybody interested in producing it, give me a call.)

So, don’t approach the adult while standing in the room of noise. Just sit outside, down the street, way down the street, in an office, upstairs, in some building, downtown. But… How will the adult know where you are? How will the adult know of what I do? How will I get new customers? Well, leave the office frequently. Be available. Be visible. Know a lot of people. Be yourself. Be friendly. Be dedicated to serving people well. Be very good at what you do. And (often neglected), be singular and clear in communicating how you provide value.

So, does this all mean that networking is the only other marketing aside from the nWeb. No. It doesn’t. What I am trying to communicate is this idea: The best marketing is for everyone to just know you. To know who you are and what you do. To know simply how you add value, so they just come to you when they need what you have.

All of your media should be united in communicating you clearly. Your marketing presence should reflect your market presence, for it will become it. Your marketing message should match your value proposition. Achieve fluidity.