Pardot To The Test

Nothing says job well done quite like a good sale. Goal attainment is absolutely uplifting. Add commission and you’ve just reached the stratosphere. However, steps toward that goal can, at times, be anything but exciting. But what if your business had an automated mechanism in place to generate leads, track their interests, identify their needs, and, provide you with an actionable list of warm contacts? RevenFlo Web Team has been eagerly searching for a Software As A Service (SAAS) application designed to accomplish this and more. While several SAAS Marketing Automation applications exist, they tend to be written with large enterprises in mind. And they lack the nuances that RevenFlo innovators were craving. That is, until Pardot.

The Pardot On Demand Marketing Automation Suite is uniquely poised to help smaller businesses identify, track and nourish prospects. As future visits to your business’ branded landing page or website occur, prospect activity is recorded allowing sales teams to customize a follow-up at the right time. RevenFlo expects Pardot to fill a gap that other SAAS applications like Constant Contact and Google Analytics are not designed to cover. After careful vetting, RevenFlo is putting the marketing automation power of Pardot to the test in areas of finance, travel and sports. If results prove to be as promising as they initially appear, RevenFlo will be introducing Pardot to their clients with full knowledge of its use and benefits.