RevenBlog (the Book) Volume I

Posts from RevenBlog in 2006
(a blog by Jason Broadwater)

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“During this time period, I was getting my start-up business (RevenFlo) up and running, and I wrote a lot about business and marketing and the web and life. The year was very formative for me in terms of developing a start-up business, and in terms of being a business man, a husband, a father, a friend, and a man in general. I put these writings together to form this book.” — Jason

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A Few Responses

“Revenblog is my weekly dose of insight, honesty, and perspective. This collection of blogposts is more of a philosophy than anything, demonstrating Broadwater’s honest and synergistic approach to his business, family, and life. Revenblog demonstrates to me that it is possible to run a capitalist enterprise that serves the community, instead of exploiting it. Jason Broadwater is inspirational, and this collection proves it is not an accident.”

Ben Graham, NBCT
History Department
North Buncombe High School
Weaverville, NC

“Jason allows his readers open access to the inner-workings of his web marketing company. Consequently, his commentary on business, management, and the Internet are uniquely honest. All of this insight is sprinkled with life moments that truly engage the reader.”

Adam Parish
Urbitas Media