RevenDay 2011

In our fast paced technology world where today’s app is merely a tease for what tomorrow will bring, the web team at RevenFlo took an internet time out to vision and build for the future. With RevenFlo experiencing so much growth this year, it was important to push the work flow pause button just long enough to collectively share our history, mission, goals, and objectives. Facilitated by the RevenFlo leader, Jason Broadwater, team members were first introduced to each other and then to one another’s strengths – four new contracted employees joined the RevenFlo team in December bringing the team count to ten.

To help our growing team maximize its potential, each member participated in an online strength assessment test. Test results provided a fascinating opportunity to learn of our individual strengths, how they impact our view of work, and how they can best be used to achieve success. While there were few surprises unearthed in the strengths finder assessment, it led to interesting and productive conversations. Giving a name, definition, and best use of team member’s strengths will empower each of us as we interact and motivate one another, and especially in working with our clients.

An overview of urgent and important work patterns including the no-time-for but very necessary weekly meetings schedule (complete with apologies from Jason to everyone who would rather get work done than sit in a meeting), rounded out our day. The newly expanded team with its greater appreciation for one another, our mission, and the community we serve is ready to reset the play button and get back to the creative work we love. With renewed enthusiasm over the present and the future direction of RevenFlo Web Teams!