RevenFlo Signs Parent University of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Established as a community collaborative to help parents become full partners in their children’s education, Parent University of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is facing mounting communication and course management challenges with the 159 schools they support. RevenFlo Web Team in Rock Hill, SC has signed on to create solutions for the well-founded organization. RevenFlo’s comprehensive, practical and user friendly strategy package will address issues regarding automation of communication, software, database, and analytics.

The best solutions are meaningless if there is not a buy-in from participants, states RevenFlo president, Jason Broadwater. Equally important to designing a Web tool that will meet the needs of all parties is evoking a desire and motivation to use it. The end result will not only allow for seamless and effective communication between Parent University, school liaisons, parents, and presenters, it will make course management much less labor intensive.