RevenFlo Web Marketing in Matthews, NC

We are proud to announce that RevenFlo has joined the Matthews Chamber of Commerce. Matthews is a great community, and we a proud to be represented there.

Web Marketing is a quickly growing service industry. RevenFlo has been serving small to mid-sized businesses and organizations of all kinds since 2004.

What is Web Marketing?

Web Marketing is basically using the Web to effectively communicate with your audiences. This may take the form of:

  • strategic planning
  • design and development
  • search engine marketing
  • online advertising management
  • social media management


  • Do we build websites? – yes, we do
  • Can you get on the first page of Google? – yes, you can
  • Can you use social media in a productive way? – yes, you can

First you set goals and objectives, then you conduct strategic planning, then you execute projects to achieve desired outcomes. It’s not rocket science. It just takes hard work and constant innovation.

RevenFlo is your web team.