RevenFlo Web Team Creates New Design and Development Project For Elrod Pope Law Firm

About Elrod Pope

Elrod Pope has provided expert legal help in matters of personal injury and workers compensation since Luke Elrod started the firm in 1980. Since then, they have expanded their horizons, both in services and with a full team of partners, including former prosecutors.

This team of well-respected attorneys includes Tommy Pope– former 16th Circuit Solicitor, Jack Leader– former assistant solicitor, David Benson, Harold Staley, Andrew Creech, Charles Ridley Jr. and Garret Johnson.

As a pillar of the community of Rock Hill, SC, they have earned a name as a trusted and sought-after law firm.

Nature of the Situation


Elrod Pope had outgrown their basic website in both visual interface and practical use. It was several years old and did little to communicate their exceptional quality of service, which is an integral part of the firm’s identity. It failed to fully express the friendly personality shared by all attorneys in the firm. They had also grown and changed in many ways since first implementing the site and there weren’t many opportunities to showcase this properly online.

It was also in their interest to have a site that not only offered information on the firm, but also would work as a tool for their existing and potential clients.

Nature of the Solution

The RevenFlo Web Team met with Elrod Pope and created a list of priorities for their site. We knew that we needed a site capable of showcasing the individuality and professionalism of the firm. We began producing series of HD video-bios for each attorney, and an overall bio for the firm. We also created a system of presentation for general info and news on the attorneys of Elrod Pope.

More Help

We created a comprehensive, but easily navigable interface where users could explore information related to the services at Elrod Pope. We set out to make this aspect of the site stand alone as a portal for gathering useful information on the web pertaining to the legal issues within the umbrella of The Elrod Pope Law Firm.


It was important to us to be mindful of user interface when presenting such a high level of content. This lead to the design and development of a UI unlike anything we’ve done before. The presentation of content on is a standout in being truly engaging on both an organizational and aesthetic level.


Another innovation is its responsive nature. This means that no matter what your screen resolution is, the site responds by shifting elements to best suit your browser. It automatically scales to work as well on an HD monitor as a tablet device or smartphone.


Attorney Profiles

Elrod Pope has a site that greatly improves their identity online, and thus ads to the over-all public experience of Elrod Pope. is a graphically responsive tool for its users that offers in-depth information and news on firm members as well as varying legal issues. It succeeds in being displaying the personality and quality of the firm online while helping users in a multitude of ways. This is all done within a simple and clean interface.

RevenFlo Web Team is proud of our work with Elrod Pope , which is the result of a true collaboration by the members of our team and theirs. Continually, this project (like all projects) revolved around the concept of innovating and creating to improve the general experience of Elrod Pope: its attorneys, staff and clients. In turn, it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience for us and we hope the site can provide help and engagement for all who use it.