Ted Theodoropoulos from Acrowire featured in PC World Magazine

Jason Broadwater with RevenFlo’s web team management and Ted Theodoropoulos with Acrowire IT Solutions are both members of the ‘ Organization Accelorator Program.  The EO Accelerator Program provides educational content focused on four key issues faced by first-stage entrepreneurs: strategic planning, sales and marketing, human resources and finance.

In a case study, written by Elsa Wenzel and published in PC World, Ted Theodoropoulos of Acrowire IT Solutions explains how he was able to help a mortgage company in need of system revamping. According to the article, the mortgage company downsized from 40 to 12 employees following the real estate crisis and then froze IT spending in order to cut costs. Before the cuts, the business’s web related issues, emails and database servers were handled by staff, but now that over a third of the staff was gone and the IT budget frozen, the mortgage company needed a system that could run itself so to speak.

Ted from Acrowire was able to introduce a handful of cloud based services, including Salesforce as a tool to manage customer relationships as well as moving their existing Microsoft SQL servers and the web server to a dedicated virtual server in Acrowire’s data center, whose hosting platform uses Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization.