The Hive Launches in January 2011!

The Hive is a workforce development program with focus on Internet Marketing, Communications, and Technology. The Hive serves local clients in growing their Internet presence and applies the work to curriculum to train students. The concept will serve the community through economic development.  Students will be trained in versatility for the new knowledge-based services economy.

The goal of the program is to develop a trained work force that is capable of working directly with clients and delivering quality work. The selected students will learn how to articulate thoughts and ideas and how to execute the client’s vision with accuracy. In addition to actual learned web skills, students will experience working with a live client that has a pre-conceived end result in mind. Jason Broadwater, of RevenFlo Web Team, stated “The program prepares students for the new services economy which involves contracting professional knowledge workers.”
The collaborative partnership includes: York Technical College, Winthrop, Comporium, City of Rock Hill, Becca and Harry Dalton and RevenFlo Web Team. The participating students are from York Technical College and Winthrop University. The clients of the program are also collaborative participants and primarily made up of local non-profits. The Hive will be composed of 35 students its first semester. The students will be trained in a space in Old Town Rock Hill for formal classes and have access to it as a social work space.

The Hive is also open to further collaboration and welcomes input and feedback from additional organizations who wish to participate in any number of ways. The spring semester of The Hive will be launched as a pilot project on January 10, 2011. The formal gathering space for The Hive will be located in Old Town Rock Hill, SC, on the third floor of the Citizen’s Building. This will infuse more life in Old Town and offer a collaborative work space where thoughts and ideas can be shared and improved upon.

Check out the article in the Charlotte Observer or go to The Hive Website to learn more!