The Hive Open House

The Hive kicked off its official Open House on Monday, February 7 beginning at 4. Old Town restaurants supplied The Hive guests with some of the best food in town as they mingled with the students of The Hive. Greg Rutherford, the president of York Technical College, gave a brief speech, thanking the students for being so eager, the Mayor and city councilmen for supporting the project, The Hive staff and especially Edie Dille of York Tech for making it all happen, and Jason Broadwater of RevenFlo for his idea and work in helping it come to fruition. The Hive students were the spotlight of the night. As they were leaving the building, chatter filled with excitement and inspiration filled the Citizens Building’s elevator and staircase, spilling out onto main street and then for some continued on to Mchale’s. To say that the open house went well is an understatement!