The Hive Wraps-up RHEDC’s Internet Marketing Program

Just in time for the release of their new site, Hive students wrapped up their first semester Internet marketing program for Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation.  In a presentation to the RHEDC May 3, Jason Broadwater detailed the work done on their project, including several videos, articles, interviews, social media engagement, an email marketing campaign, contact lists and much more.  The program’s content was based on four of Rock Hill’s compelling  storylines: Riverwalk, The Bleachery,  Manufacturing, Distribution, The Hive and our business community.  Students engaged in publishing content, taking photos, conducting interviews of local business leaders, creating contact lists, ect.

Not only was this program beneficial to the RHEDC itself, but it also helped to change student opinion of Rock Hill, specifically Old Town. Brenda Pineiro-Rodriguez states, “I used to think that Rock Hill had nothing to offer. I figured that I would just finish my degree at York Tech and move out of Rock Hill. Becoming a student of The Hive opened my eyes to all the different types of things Rock Hill has to offer. When Jason assigned me to work on the Rock Hill Economic Development project I became real fascinated with Riverwalk and all the future plans Rock Hill has for that location. My sister and I plan to open a bakery/pastry shop some time in the near future. Since I’ve been a student of The Hive I’ve learned so much about Rock Hill and I’ve reconsidered the whole moving out idea and even thought about opening our business here in Rock Hill, maybe even at Riverwalk once its complete.”

Thank you RHEDC for agreeing to be a part of The Hive!