The Leadership Work Group Holds Conference on Collaborative Leadership in Charlotte, N.C.

On Thursday, March 31 the Leadership Work Group hosted the Collaborative Leadership Conference.  The conference was held in Charlotte, N.C. on The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s campus. The overall host for the conference was the Leadership Work Group (LWG) which is comprised of the following organizations: American Leadership Forum, Arts & Science Council, Community Building Initiative, Leadership Charlotte, McColl Center Innovation Institute and Wildacres Leadership Initiative.  The LWG mission is to collaborate in order to advance the visions and missions of its participating programs.

The conference featured a full day of local leaders who forged innovative collaborations and presented their successes, struggles and ideas in Collaborative Leadership to the group.  The presenters included Robert Bush and Noelle Scott with ASC Regional Artist Project Grant Program, Vincent Davis and Darlene Heater with Envision, Barbara Spradling with Children and Family Services, Molly Shaw with Charlotte Teachers Institute, Dave Cable with Carolina Thread Trail, and Jason Broadwater with The Hive.  The speakers shared their successes, struggles and ideas in Collaborative Leadership with the conference participants.

Aside from making valuable connections, The Collaborative Leadership Conference participants were able to take from the conference great ideas for improving or creating their own collaborative projects.