Underexposed Film Festival to Rock Big Screen

Screenwriter and director, Micah Troublefield, will showcase his latest masterpiece, Tweny One Questions, at this year’s Underexposed Film Festival in Rock Hill, SC. Operating under the Arts Council of York County, Underexposed gives filmmakers an opportunity to show off their shorts. Micah, a seasoned filmmaker, along with other film industry entrepreneurs, look forward to the attention Underexposed will bring to the creative film scene happening in and around Rock Hill, and specifically to their individual productions.

Twenty One Questions, presented by Strawhouse Pictures as a short movie, is a science fiction tale directed in the style of The Twilight Zone. An outsider scientist named Jeremy Braddock (Chris Gervais) attempts to move backward through time which finds him in breach of interdimensional law. He is sentenced to oblivion, but not before an opportunity to ask twenty one questions about anything in the whole of existence. His council in these last rights is the bureaucratic Harry Greenburger (Marius Riley), a metaphysical social worker of sorts, devoid of sensitivity. Twenty One less-than-thought-out questions lie between Jeremy and a grim demise.

Twenty One Questions was shot digitally in the fall of 2011 in the basement of the Tom S. Getty’s Center by Micah Troublefield and Anil Dhokai. Other actors include Wesley Varney and Sarah Doran. The movie was produced by Brian Oxendine at Strawhouse Pictures.

In this, their premiere year, the Underexposed Film Festival boasts 27 shorts, nine of which are competing.


Where filmmakers come to show off their shorts!

November 9-10, 2012

Community Performance Center
249 E. Main St. | Rock Hill, SC

Chris Gervais and Micah Troublefield lend their creative and technical expertise to RevenFlo’s Internet Marketing and Web Design & Development projects. RevenFlo is thrilled by their creative work both on and off camera!