Search Engine Marketing

Be on the first page of search results for the term your prospects are searching. This will not only improve lead generation but also your professional positioning.

The phenomenon of search: You type in what you want, and what comes back are your options.

Be in front of the person who wants what you have, who understands the value you provide and is motivated to pay you their hard earned money.

Your prospect. A search. The results. Are you there?

For RevenFlo, search marketing is about running an active, effective website. It’s not about tricks and gimmicks and web battles. We develop and execute search strategies based on the hard work of providing fresh quality content and a positive, active, healthy user environment. We believe that organized and enjoyable, fresh, quality content is the core of a long term niche search presence.

We see other available tools as well such as sponsored listings. We provide key term analysis with search data, establishment and technical architecture of your campaign, and reporting on budget and conversion.

We also provide the capability to link your sponsored search listing to specific actions being tracked on your website, thus following a visitor from clicking your sponsored listing to the completing an action on your website.

With your guidance, we can establish a dollar value to that specific action. Then, over time you can track the effectiveness of ad spending down to the dollar.

RevenFlo recommends good seo practice. We believe a website (and a company for that matter) is better and more successful when honestly seeking to be of value.