Web Analytics Tracking & Reporting

RevenFlo tracks and analyzes overall site performance by aligning data on visitor behavior with predefined goals and objectives. Your quarterly report from RevenFlo will be, in terms of deliverable, a presentation of these data along with associated consultation and proposals in the context of your predefined goals and objectives.

You will have ready online access to your data, which will include information on page views, visits, visitors, geographical locations, and much more – all displayed in easy-to-use, interactive media like line graphs, bar graphs, and pie charts.

Your data can also be aligned to specific goals by tracking specific conversions or actions taken by visitors. For example, our tracking capabilities can pinpoint a visitor’s entrance into the site and track his path to a specified conversion.

We can also measure where visitors may be exiting out of the sales process. Thus allowing us to examine a particular page that has a high exit rate. What is discouraging people at that point? While examining that page, we can view visual overlays of the page itself with data on each link on the page (showing how many times it’s been clicked, for example).

We can look at data in years, quarters, months, weeks, single days even, with hour by hour tracking.

We offer both a quarterly report and vlog reporting (as a tool of tutelage with the frequency determined by client).