Web Marketing for Builders and Developers

Use the Web to:

* Demonstrate the quality of your work
* Illustrate your experience
* Explain your process
* Educate your consumers
* Communicate with prospects and clients
* Report on current jobs
* Professionally position your company – to difrerntiate
* Allow those referred a due diligence medium
* Generate leads
* Build relationships with subs and service providers

There are so many builders and developers these days. How do you stand out? How are you positioned in your marketplace? How easily can someone engage with you? Must they take a committal action in order to begin to engage with you and your company? How high is the barrier of entry in terms of someone beginning a relationship with you and your company?

Your website is someone’s way to engage with you and begin a relationship – no commitment, just as part of their casual due diligence process.

Specific options for your Website:

* High-Quality Design
* Virtual Tours
* Impressive Display of Portfolio
* Interactive Maps and Directions
* Contact Information and Forms
* Interactive and Download-able Spec Sheets
* About/History/Bio Copy and Photos
* Blog with RSS Feeds (allows easy publication of content by you and easy syndication of that content by others)
* Indexed, Searchable Educational Articles
* Testimonials
* Video/Audio
* Video/Audio Blogs
* Social Networking (YouTube, Etc.)