Web Marketing for REALTORS

Use the Web to:

* Generate Leads
* Professionally Position Yourself
* Allow Prospects to Search MLS and Other Listings
* Provide a Due Diligence Resource for Prospects
* Communicate with and Manage Clients
* Communicate with and Manage Staff

The new Web is about Search, content, and interactivity. To bring you return, your site must:

* Maintain significant presence in the search engines (= leads and market presence)
* Provide a resource for visitors thus giving reason to stay and to return (= being a regular tool for prospects until they are ready to contact)
* Call the visitor to a specific measurable action (= conversion)

Be out there in the new Web – online communities, search engines, blog engines, video sharing sites, social bookmarking. Capitalize on the new Web. Develop your Website in Web 2.0 technologies. Enter the open-source world.

But before you do any of that, please create specific goals and objectives.

Specific options for your Website:

* MLS Integration through Broker Reciprocity
* High-Quality Design
* Virtual Tours
* Interactive Maps and Directions
* Contact Information and Forms
* Interactive and Download-able Spec Sheets
* About/History/Bio Copy and Photos
* Blog with RSS Feeds (allows easy publication of content by you and easy syndication of that content by others)
* Video/Audio
* Video/Audio Blogs
* Social Networking (YouTube, Etc.)