Websites for K-12 Education, School Districts, Schools

School Districts have an enormous opportunity to invest in the Web and see quick and significant return.

You can directly affect communication among students, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, schools, departments, new hires, prospective hires, county’s, other districts, states, and any other organization with which you communicate.

You can create a consistent Web presence across your district, yet leave room for individualization and customization per-school, per-teacher, and even per-class. You can offer your teachers, department heads, administrators, etc. tools such as blogs and content feeding technologies for public view or for internal use. You can improve your teachers’ abilities to increase test scores by improving communications with parents and students, and you can increase your district’s marketability to prospective hires by providing a better due diligence tool for those interested (not to mention improving your brand at large).

Your website will have a public face and function as a public tool, but you will also have the ability to use the site as a medium to communicate internally for such activities as (among others) posting test scores, getting feedback, and administering professional development sessions and testing. The site will integrate with your current systems to the degree you see fit.

All of this is at your fingertips, and the whole system can be set up in a way that can be maintained by your internal staff – technology specialists, administrators, assistants, teachers, and more.

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