SEPTEMBER ’09: What is content management and what does it mean to my small business or organization?

You may have heard of Content Management Systems. You may not. Regardless, if you are involved in marketing on the Web in any way you have come to realize that CONTENT IS KING. If you don’t have a quality piece of content online, then you don’t have anything to market.

Gone are the days of thinking that a website is a billboard in cyberspace. That metaphor has been obliterated. The web is a place where people go to interact. THE WEB IS HAPPENING NOW. Right now! The content you publish and post and exchange and blog and tweet and hyperlink is the content that gives the web its tangible quality.

To achieve any goal on the web, you will need content. To create and manage content in a meaningful way, you need a plan and the right tools. But what does that plan look like and what are those tools?

We will discuss this topic on

  • Tuesday, Sept 8 – 4:30 – at Dilworth Coffee in Ballantyne Village
  • Wednesday, Sept 9 – 3PM – Augello’s Coffee House in Old Town Rock Hill

Be there to join us for a casual conversation and a beverage.