Quality Control Takes a Shift in Perspective

We’re working on quality control as part of our process. It’s not easy to get this firmly built into the process. I think about my son. He never checks over his work. He scores through the roof on standardized math tests, yet when he’s taking tests in class, he makes simple mistakes. Just because he doesn’t check over his work. I was the same way, of course. So, how do we change that? How do we get him to believe that it’s not an add-on, that it’s not something extra? How do we get him to fully believe that it is part of the core work, that the assignment isn’t complete until he checks back over EVERY problem? That’s the same question we face at RevenFlo. When we get busy, we slip on quality control. It’s because that seems like an extra step… tacked on after completing the work. But it’s not. It’s the final step BEFORE completing the work. It takes a shift in belief system. Our beliefs drive our thoughts, our thoughts drive our actions, and our actions create our reality. Here’s to making QC an integral step that can never be left out because the task is not complete without it.