Video Production

Concept. Original Music. Script. Voice. Illustration. Editing. Publishing.

Video is Storytelling

Sharing stories is our most powerful way to communicate. At RevenFlo, we excel at creating video stories that are compelling, authentic, and impactful. We find that our clients are doing great things. To share that in the form of compelling videos is the most emotionally powerful marketing available today.

Types of Videos

  1. Productions
    (Serial Shows, Features, Creative Productions)
  2. Short-Form Web Videos
    (Marketing, Education, Product, Internal)
  3. Commercials
    (Search, Social, Web, TV)

Highlighted Works

We love making videos!

Continue The Journey
Client: Westminster Towers
Concept. Original Music. Cinematic Production. Video Editing. Publishing.

Road Trip York County
Client: Visit York County
Concept. Original Music. Intro Production. Audio Recording. Bookend Editing. Publishing.

Summer NAMM 2019
Client: The Local Pickup
Original Music. Intro Production. Live Event Recording. Video Editing. Publishing. Promoting.

From Roots to Bloom
Client: York Preparatory Academy
Concept. Original Music. Video/Audio Production. Video/Audio Editing. Publishing.

University Center
Client: Sidewalk Development
Concept. Script. Voice. Video & Audio Editing.

Bring a Guest
Client: Ebtron
Concept. Original Music. Live Event Audio/Video. Editing.

Baseload Overview
Client: Baseload
Interviews. Original Music. Audio/Video. Illustrations. Publishing.

Client: Westminster Catawba Christian School
Concept. Footage. Script. Voice. Editing. Publishing.

Family Trust Auto Loans
Client: Family Trust Federal Credit Union
Concept. Script. Actors. Production. Editing. Publishing.

Get a Job
Project: Jobs Rock Hill
Concept. Original Music. Footage Curation. Editing. Publishing.

Video Services

We produce videos both as stand alone projects and in the context of comprehensive marketing campaigns.