Web Design & Development Harriet Marshall Goode, Artist

“RevenFlo created my Website about a year ago. Following some intense tutoring sessions with Chad Smith, I was equipped with the tools to manage it. I’m a painter and my entire Website is filled with images and information about my artwork. The site has to offer fluidity because I need to make changes from time to time and update the site with new paintings.”

“I have the skills to change images and edit copy, but occasionally I stumble in the process, requiring a big yell to RevenFlo for assistance! The tech team is just a phone call away and always responsive when I call for help. They are patient and understand that I’m a total right-brainer, and sometimes a bit slow to absorb technical information.”

“I depend on RevenFlo completely as the only marketing and tech resource I need.” Visit Harriet’s Site

Harriet Goode, Artist