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Website Design & Development for a Manufacturing Company in South Carolina


EBTRON – a manufacturer with around 100 employees and headquartered in South Carolina – manufactures airflow measurement and control devices for commercial and industrial heating and air. Though they are successfully functioning in other areas of airflow related technologies and markets, EBTRON is the indisputable leader and innovator with one particular product group – the outdoor intake measurement device.

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About The Project

RevenFlo was hired by EBTRON to design and deploy a new ebtron.com. The project, though, was much larger than that task may seem. We provided an array of strategic support and creative and technical solutions over the course of a year together.

Strategic Business Development Support

The CEO of EBTRON is always working to improve the company. He is an engineer by trade (and nature) and is always engineering success. We worked with him and other key staff to help further develop and improve EBTRON’s value proposition, as well as to explore how to serve the multiple layers of audiences – end-users, distributors, contractors, and architects – with the same presentation of the same company. One EBTRON with a clear brand and value.

Web Content, Architecture, and Tools

We worked with EBTRON to strategically organize and develop all of the content and functionality needed for all of the audiences involved.

Landing pages for verticals served
industry vertical webpage design
Landing pages for benefits provided
manufacturing web development
An easily accessible and simple Rep Finder tool
website search function design
A slick document library
documents and downloads web page
A store-like experience for navigating the available products
b2b supplier website design
Video concept creation and production


The successful outcome of the project was the launching of the website. But, the project, as most of them are, was about so much more than that. It was also about supporting EBTRON as they further developed the content, materials, and business that they want to present to the marketplace.

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