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Jason speaks on reinventing the global supply chain, poverty, and guitars in this virtual keynote prepared for Partners in AG Innovation Conference 2020.

The latest Jobs Rock Hill Company Spotlight is on @AffinityHC , a local healthcare employer who continues to hire year-round. They provide compassionate and comprehensive care to their patients across York County.

Read the full spotlight:

We formed a one-day band to record a live performance of an original song for 4th of July. One Day in America celebrates an America with the same civil rights and opportunities for all people. Let's come together for good. Happy 4th! Stay safe!

We recently launched this video as part of our "Get a Job" campaign for Jobs Rock Hill., a project of @RockHillUSA, is your one-stop source of job openings in the Rock Hill area. See what's out there and get a job today!

Last year, we had the opportunity to work with @YorkPrepAcademy on this fun video. Everyone was so open and willing to participate. We couldn't ask for more!

We love making videos for @Applied_Mach. Who doesn't love some big machines? Check out their YouTube channel for more!
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