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Jason is presenting a virtual keynote speech for Lorain County, Ohio's "Focus Forward" Conference. He'll be talking about economic development, a topic dear to his heart.

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Businesses 'Focus Forward' with Lorain County Chamber series of events

Lorain County’s business community will have five days’ worth of events to survive and thrive in a post-novel coronavirus pandemic world.

For these Burkett Financial Services shorts, we wrote and recorded the music, hand-animated the visuals, and hired professional voice actors to perform the scripts. The result is a series of optimistic stories about everyday folks achieving financial success.


Jason wrote this fantastic, in-depth article about the impact of the internet on the global supply chain. This is a must-read for business owners, regardless of size.

Read here:

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Point-to-Point: The Radical Impact of the Internet on the Global Supply Chain

Innovation and technology are changing everything we do. No industry, no institution, and no social structure is unaffected.

Our very own Chris Gervais wrote a short film that just won an impressive award, presented by Amy Ray of Indigo Girls.
Way to go, Chris!
Read more:
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Jason speaks on reinventing the global supply chain, poverty, and guitars in this virtual keynote prepared for Partners in AG Innovation Conference 2020.

The latest Jobs Rock Hill Company Spotlight is on @AffinityHC , a local healthcare employer who continues to hire year-round. They provide compassionate and comprehensive care to their patients across York County.

Read the full spotlight:

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