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Last year, we had the opportunity to work with @YorkPrepAcademy on this fun video. Everyone was so open and willing to participate. We couldn't ask for more!

We love making videos for @Applied_Mach. Who doesn't love some big machines? Check out their YouTube channel for more!
#creativemarketing #videomarketing #bettermachines

This month's Jobs Rock Hill Company Spotlight is on @UnitedWayYC.
Read about them here:

We've been creating a lot of videos with Burkett Financial Services this year, including this one about working on your financial goals early. Watch all of BFS' videos by looking up "Burkett Financial Services" on YouTube!

Jason outlines a comprehensive marketing plan for wholesale manufacturers (shot during social distancing).

This month's Jobs Rock Hill company spotlight is on 3 Rock Hill businesses that shifted their production last month to provide PPE to hospitals and individuals who need them.
Read the spotlight on Composite Resources, C-A-T Resources, and @COREautosport:

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