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Content Marketing

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Content Marketing


Written copy for web publication and distribution.


Photography, design, and illustration for web marketing.


Video is generally the preferred medium across the web.


Content created specifically for social media marketing efforts.


Who knows of you? What do they think of you? Do they understand how you add value? Do the ones who can buy from you understand what they can buy and why they would do it? Are they asking you for more information? Are they buying? Who is buying? Why?


What do you buy? How do you engage with that brand or information around that product or service online? How does your customer buy? How do they learn? Where do they communicate? How do they communicate?


What content are you publishing in the context of your SEO initiative? Is it quality, meaningful, valuable content targeted to the most strategic audiences, or is it shallow redundant content created to match keywords from a list and to meet publishing schedules for SEO-driven objectives like search position and website traffic?


Do you have in place the foundations for continued online marketing? Do you have an archive of quality content to draw from in your sales or educational outreach? Do you have the team, tools, and processes to manage content creation or social media content marketing?

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