Tips for Improving Site SEO

Boost Your Website’s SEO: Top Tips for Improving Site SEO

In today’s competitive online landscape, having a well-optimized website is crucial for your business to succeed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to improve its visibility in search engine results. This can lead to increased organic traffic and better rankings. If you’re looking to boost your website’s SEO, here are…
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man looking at mobile web design on phone

Why Mobile Web Design Is Important

In 2020, the average US citizen spent about 5-6 hours every day on their cellphone. That’s 1,825 hours a year! For a business, that statistic is vital to understand and optimize your mobile web design to its fullest potential! Here at RevenFlo, we offer mobile web design services to finetune your web experience for any…
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st pauls cathedral aerial shot

Beware: A Phishing Scam that Almost Got Me

Jason Broadwater (president of RevenFlo) has been invited to speak at the Cathedral Church of St. Paul the Apostle (St. Paul’s Cathedral) in London, England… Or so I thought. I was approached by email by someone impersonating the Very Reverend Dr. David Ison, current dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. He asked me if…
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blogs for SEO and marketing

Top Blogs for Marketers to Follow

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, but which ones are the best of the best for aspiring and current marketers? We have put together a list of the best blogs to meet your various marketing needs: The Ahrefs Blog My favorite marketing blog is by ahrefs. These guys have really improved their…
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social media marketing

Marketing Monday: How Communities Help Marketing

Believe it or not, but some of the world’s most renowned brands started off as community brands. A community brand is a community formed on the basis of attachment to a specific product or brand. If you have a new product or brand and you wish to get its feet off the ground, then you need…
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apartment for rent stock image

Marketing to Millennials

What is a millennial exactly? There are so many different terms used to describe the newer generations, but Pew Research Center published an article by Michael Dimock in which he states, “Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22 to 37 in 2018) will be considered a Millennial.” Millennials grew up in a technology based world…
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marketing client logos

Can We Help You?

Hopefully if you are reading this, you know what RevenFlo is and what we do. If not, here is a snippet: we bring together creativity, technology, community and business in order to create success across several platforms such as thorough website development, commercial creation and more. We have helped many business and companies in the…
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people texting on smartphones

Tech Tuesday: Why You Need to Download Flipboard ASAP

Have you ever found yourself lost in your phone while checking all platforms of social media? Then you check the time and you actually just scrolled an hour of your life away? If you answered yes, then maybe you should consider downloading one of our favorite social media replacement applications called Flipboard. We are not…
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marketing word cloud

Is it Time to Rebrand?

To rebrand or to not rebrand? That is the real question, especially for businesses and companies that are seeing a decline in growth, sales and/or “buzz.” Rebranding can be a long and drawn-out process; however, if you follow these tips then you might just have a smooth and painless experience. Gain staff support If your…
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content marketing conference

Marketing Monday: Online Content Marketing Conference

MarketingProfs is a source that individual marketers, marketing teams, and some of the world’s largest organizations turn to for modern marketing tools, training, strategies, articles, online seminars, discussion forums, and more. MarketingProfs Virtual Conference Series is an online and on-demand experience designed to provide you with real-world knowledge on a variety of topics related to…
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social media marketing concept

Social Marketing Breakdown

In the age of technology, it is no surprise that the world has shifted to have a focus around social media. In order to make the most of the social media craze, marketers must utilize social media to its full potential. Social marketing, according to Facebook Head of Global Travel Strategy Nikhilesh Ponde, has moved…
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color powder explosion

May’s Playlist: Your Favorite Color

“The sounds of colors is so definite that it would be hard to find anyone who would express bright yellow with base notes or dark lake with the treble.” -Wassily Kandinsky The RevenTeam brings you May’s playlist – Your Favorite Color  
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coding for beginners

We Love this New Coding App by Google’s Area 120

Area 120 is a technology incubator for Google’s experimental projects. This sector of Google is meant to help small teams create and develop new products. Recently, Area 120 built and launched a new application called Grasshopper. It is a coding application that teaches users the basics of JavaScript and advances as you advance through levels.…
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golden numbers balloons

April’s Playlist: Numbers

“[When asked why are numbers beautiful?] It’s like asking why is Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony beautiful. If you don’t see why, someone can’t tell you. I know numbers are beautiful. If they aren’t beautiful, nothing is.” ― Paul Erdős
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digital marketing strategy

Tech Tuesday: Free Marketing Webinar You Must Watch

If you didn’t know, a goldfish has an attention span of nine seconds. According to a Microsoft Corp. study, humans now have an attention span of just eight seconds.  In the marketing world, how do you make the most of a digital minute if people only focus on your content for only eight seconds? We…
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Google Analytics

Why Analytics Should Be Driving Your Website Strategy

Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for us when deciding how to best meet a client’s goals. It tells us things like which pages users are visiting and which ones they aren’t, where they’re coming from, how long they’re staying, and so much more. But figuring out how to look at Google Analytics can be…
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Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween RevenPlaylist

We’re back with another playlist! This time we’ve put together a list of our favorite Halloween-inspired songs perfect to listen to if your house is haunted by unruly ghosts, you’ve recently started turning into a werewolf, or if you’re just having a Halloween party. Enjoy!
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Clock with "Don't Forget" sticky notes

Finding the Right Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance isn’t just a millennial term for wanting more free time, it’s a term that actually dates back to the 1800s when the number of hours women and children could work was reduced by manufacturing laws. The concept of an ideal balance between work and leisure time has spread ever since. The 20th Century…
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Times Square Ads

Our Favorite Ad Campaigns of 2017 (So Far)

Marketing is a tricky industry because it’s so hard to predict what will work. Creating a campaign that stands the test of time can feel like catching lightning in a bottle. I doubt the Geico executives had any that the gecko campaign they created in 1999 would still be used in 2017! And think about slogans…
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Friends at Happy Hour

Improve Company Morale with These 6 Tips

It’s normal for a workplace to become dull after a while. It is a job, after all, so it can’t always be fun. But there are some things you can do as an employer to improve the overall morale and keep the environment of the office a positive and productive one. Company Outings and Retreats RevenFlo…
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Social Media Icons

8 Apps We Can’t Live Without

Everyone in the RevenFlo office is pretty obsessed with the internet, which is convenient since it’s kind of our job. Even though we spend most of our time at our computers, we all turn to our phone when we need to take a break from one screen to look at another screen. What we realized is…
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Cassette Tapes

RevenPlaylist: July

We’re back once again with a brand new playlist put together by the RevenTeam. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to let us know what you’ve been listening to this summer!
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Dog listening to music

RevenPlaylist: June

We’ve made it through another month! We hope your summer is going well so far, and if it’s not, maybe this playlist can help. The RevenTeam has painstakingly put together another playlist of songs we’ve been listening to this month. We all have pretty different tastes in music, but judging from this playlist, the one…
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volunteers roofing a house

A Week with Salkehatchie Summer Service

Blood, sweat, and service—that was the gist of my time in Aiken this past week. For the past six years, I have attended the Sand River camp of Salkehatchie Summer Service, whose mission is to help homeowners in need while also allowing high school students to learn what Christian servanthood is all about. As a…
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cat listening to music in headphones

RevenPlaylist: May

Happy Friday! We’re back with another batch of songs that have been getting us through to work week, even when we want to be outside enjoying this beautiful weather.
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Cassette Tape illustration

RevenPlaylist: April

The RevenTeam will be creating a playlist each month with whatever songs they’re into at the moment. An eclectic group of people means an eclectic mix of songs, with everything from Disney to Metal to 80’s pop. Enjoy April’s mix and check back on the last Friday of each month for a new set of…
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cameron at revenflo office

A Semester at RevenFlo

To say the life of a college student is stressful can be an understatement. For me, juggling classes, homework, a job, sleep, and a social life was enough to almost fill up my schedule. So when I heard about an opening at RevenFlo, I figured “why not go all in and juggle an internship as…
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contact revenflo, kids racing toy cars

5 Principles for Success Online

Each organization, like each individual, must define success for themselves. This is true in life, in business, and certainly on the Internet in terms of professional use. Why spend time and money on the Internet and on digital media? It has to be for a reason. It has to be for the hope of a…
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how to wireframe a web page

The Importance of Landing Pages

In this video, you’ll hear about the importance of having clear and effective landing pages so that potential customers are sent to the right place on your website. Doing this allows prospects to find the exact information they are looking for about your product or service, so they can easily take the next step, whatever that may be.…
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keyword research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical to the content creation process. This video talks more about keyword research best practices and how to help Google display your website.    
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pay per click advertising

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This video about Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing talks about utilizing this marketing strategy for your business  and how it can benefit your company to show up higher in Google search results.  
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Clarity is Key

In this video, you’ll learn about why clarity is crucial to your marketing strategy. Presenting a clear idea that makes sense is always going to draw positive feedback from your audience. The more your marketing can present a clear identity of who you are, the better your return will be.  
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potatoes with googly eyes on sofa

The 2016 Googly Eye Challenge

2016 marked the first year of the Googly Eye Challenge—a competition to create more pictures with Googly Eyes for the world to enjoy. Teams compete for points based on specific prompts, such as “Add Googly eyes to a piece of beautiful artwork.” Pictures are uploaded to facebook with the hashtag #googlyeyechallenge, and after a week long event, judges award points to determine the winner.

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RevenFlo team photo 2016

New Year’s Resolutions

When asked for New Year’s resolutions from the RevenTeam for 2016, here are the answers I collected:  Chance (Director of Accounts): “Pierceson and I have decided to try 8 new things this year (he just turned 8 in October). So far we have come up with: run a race together, rock climbing, horseback riding, volunteer at…
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half marathon runners

13.1 Miles Later

This past summer I had a chip on my shoulder that I just couldn’t seem to shake. Fed up with my bad attitude, my dad called one day and informed me that he signed us up for a half-marathon. That’s 13.1 miles. I hadn’t run ONE mile since I was in high school (5 years ago).…
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simplest way to post your podcast

The Simplest Way to Post Your Podcast: 5 Steps

After recording three episodes of our new podcast Coulda Been Rad, it was my job to figure out how to get these episodes up and onto iTunes. Seems simple enough; we’d already done over 60 episodes of our Old Town New World podcast at that point, no problem. I searched, headscratched, compared my options and was…
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Futuristic video game

Video Games Powered by Crowdfunding

The Olden Days of Gaming It used to be that game development companies were at the mercy of publishers. A publisher evaluated a game and decided if they wanted to fund the development and then distribute the game. Many games were originally developed in Japan and thus would be in Japanese. This created a problem…
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Bluer Summer

My summers always have this uncanny sense to them. I feel like I am supposed to be doing something, or be somewhere, or have some type of plans. I feel like I should feel busy. And when I don’t, my sense of time languishes and can turn hazy. Memories, flickering heat waves coming up off a…
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Chance Volunteers @ LOVE Week!

Last week, Elevation Church in Charlotte hosted their annual “LOVE Week”, where volunteers go out into the community to serve those less fortunate. Our very own Accounts Director, Chance Heflin, volunteered all week with the help of her boyfriend, 7-year old son, and 11-year old twin nieces. Keep reading to learn more about their week volunteering,…
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