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The Career Connect campaign was a student recruitment campaign RevenFlo is conducting for York Technical College in South Carolina that was focused on career education and training.


Career Visibility

There are good jobs here in our community in mechatronics, automotive, line working, construction, and more, but these careers are not visible to most people. We needed to make the careers clear, visible, and compelling.

The User Experience

We needed to create a user experience that allowed the consumer to shop careers like they would shop products. A user needed to be able to compare the careers, check out the ones they are interested in, learn more, dig deeper, and eventually raise their hand and say they are interested.

Concierge Service

Once people saw the career they’re interested in and feel comfortable that the path is very clear and attainable, they needed to just raise their hand and be attentively led forward by someone who could walk them through the process.

Career Connect Concierge Service
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The website was designed around careers. As a user, you could learn about careers, compare careers, watch videos and see stats about careers, learn about training needed for that career, and even see currently open local jobs in that career.

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Career Scoring

For each career, we developed a Career Score – a relative scoring system to compare careers in areas like starting pay, average pay, education required, and so on.  These stats were gleaned from information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics,, and

Career Comparison Tool

On the Career Comparison screen, users could get a quick look at different careers and sort them based on industry, time to employment, education requirements, and typical starting/average salaries. After sorting, they could click the “Learn More” button on any career to get more in-depth details.

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Video Strategy & Implementation

Because of the power and popularity of video media, we created videos for each career that outlined the most important career stats as well as companies in the area that regularly hired professionals in that career path. The videos were featured on the respective career pages, as well as on a video library page with sorting, filtering, and searching.

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Jobs Portal Integration was integrated with another community workforce website, The two websites could share and display each other’s data, and when done well, they could do so in contextual and meaningful ways for the user. For example, when you looked at a career on, you would see all of the local open jobs in that career, which fed in from

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Social Media

Social Media Marketing

As well as designing, developing, and managing the website, we managed an ongoing marketing initiative for Career Connect in the York, Lancaster, and Chester County area. We utilized Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. For multiple years, we created content, conducted posting, and managed advertising. We also provided analytics reporting and strategic counsel.

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Conversion Marketing

All of the tools, content, and activity were part of a funnel that led the interested user to a single conversion – to contact York Technical College for concierge service. They would walk you through everything you need. They could even assist in finding the funding needed to make your career goal a reality.


Career Connect was a wonderful public-private initiative that served, first and foremost, the people of a community, and by doing so served the local businesses and the missions of the public institutions involved.