Givolio is for Givers

Givolio is an online tool that helps givers give. Why? Because it makes the world a better place.

Givolio for Individuals

Givolio is your giving portfolio. It’s an online giving tool that allows you to find or discover the organizations you want to support. It lets you give how you want to give – one-time, recurring, or as part of a managed giving portfolio. It provides you with analytics on your giving and your impact. And, it generates one-click tax reports for printing or emailing as PDF. It’s an all-in-one giving manager making financial giving easier.

Givolio for Employers

Givolio provides a unique and powerful workplace giving solution for employers. The tool provides payroll deducted workplace giving, as well as company matching for personal giving.

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The Design Challenge

The challenge before Givolio was to design, develop, and deploy a minimum viable product of Givolio. Then, the product can be improved and evolved based on a beta population of users.

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RevenFlo’s Role

RevenFlo is an integral partner with Givolio and provides:

  • Business Design & Development
  • Product Design & Development
  • Product Hosting & Maintenance
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Administrative Management
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