North Central Family Medical Center

Federal Covid Awareness Grant


North Central Family Medicine, a community health center based in South Carolina, received federal funding to raise awareness about their COVID-19 vaccine and boosters, so they reached out to us to help with the project. We designed a strategy for communicating their message to their service population, which included minorities, low-income individuals, and other underserved populations.


RevenFlo conducted research to compile statistical data about the audiences we were targeting. We used this data to build an argument for why individuals should get their COVID-19 vaccine or booster. Then we designed a page on North Central’s website to serve as a landing page for our communications efforts.


RevenFlo then conducted video interviews of prominent members of the local community as well as key members of North Central’s leadership team and staff. In the videos, these individuals discuss whey they got vaccinated, why understanding the truth about COVID is important, and how North Central Family Medicine can serve the community’s needs. We produced a primary video for the landing page and a series of videos for social media.


In order to make the largest number of people aware of North Central’s COVID-19 vaccination services, we are utilizing paid social media advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These advertising platforms allow detailed targeting and easily customizable creative elements, making them perfect for this project. We are utilizing those targeting options to deliver ads to the geographic areas directly surrounding North Central’s service area.