Santa Cruz Guitar Company

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About Santa Cruz Guitar Company

Founded by Richard Hoover in 1976, Santa Cruz Guitar Company is one of the premier boutique, high-end acoustic guitar builders in the world. They make only a little over 400 guitars per year, and they make them with great care, skill, knowledge, experience, and passion.

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Custom Build Experience

RevenFlo produced a feature on Santa Cruz Guitar Company where we focused on the custom build process. This allows the viewer to get a sense of what it would be like to design and build a guitar with Santa Cruz Guitar Company. It also serves to contribute to the growth of their audience and the fondness that audience feels for them.

TLP Episode

RevenFlo produces a web show called The Local Pickup. It’s a show about guitars and guitar makers. We, of course, did an episode of our show when they sent us the custom guitar they built for us.


RevenFlo produced a video featurette for a high-end custom guitar sent to us by Santa Cruz Guitar Company. This is a sample of what a dealer could request along with their order of a high-end guitar from Santa Cruz. 


RevenFlo designed a dealer media package program for Santa Cruz Guitar Company that includes professional photography.