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SceneWeaver, a division of Springs Creative Products Group LLC, is a home décor and baby accessory hub for gift marketplaces and big box retailers. With brand licensing and partnerships akin to those at their parent company, SceneWeaver offers great wholesale deals on everything from scarves to blankets.

During the 4th quarter, SceneWeaver works to reduce inventory through sales and gear up for new stock for the upcoming year. Pair that with a yearly trade show every January and that for makes one busy company!

Downtown Rock Hill South Carolina

Training as Economic Development

How training programs work to revitalize urban districts

Real World Learning

Real Clients. Real Projects. Real Learning.

RevenFlo’s training program at The Hive is based on the concept of work-learn immersive training. While we do cover concepts in groups, we don’t teach knowledge, per se. The whole philosophy of the program is based on creating and facilitating a situation where students have the opportunity to learn.

Students learn Internet Marketing and Web Design & Development because the projects dictate that they do. We have one semester to design and deliver the outcomes for real clients. Therefore, we must dig in from the beginning and get started with the process.

Students go first to the Internet and to peers, then to us as their managers. We lead through questions, ‘So, what should we do? Who’s going to do it? What do you need to do it? When can you have it finished?’

We guide the process to assure quality delivery to the clients. Participating in the process of delivering client outcomes is the basis of the curriculum.