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Recently, before performing alongside MOA and Mandako, all members of the band GASP sat down with us to talk about making music.

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Elderly man side by side with photo of when he was younger and in the military

OTNW: World War II – A Family Story

In this very special episode of Old Town New World, the late Marshall Dickson Whitesides tells the story of his journey from a family farm in South Carolina to the WWII Battlefront in France and Germany.

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The Past, Present, and Future of HBCUs with Lester McCorn

OTNW: The Past, Present, and Future of HBCUs with Lester McCorn

Clinton College President Dr. Lester McCorn walks through the story of Historically Black Colleges & Universities and the civil rights movement in America. He talks about his personal experience with education at some of the most important HBCUs, through his work as a Pastor all over the country, an author, civil rights figure, and finally,…
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OTNW: AI with Belén Sánchez Hidalgo

Data scientist, international policy advisor on economic growth, and social entrepreneur Belén Sánchez Hidalgo talks about her passion to bring diversity to AI. While working as a consultant at The World Bank, Belén became anxious about the potential risks of Artificial Intelligence and decided to do something about it. She left her career in public…
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OTNW: Growing a Community Church with Herbert Crump

In this episode of Old Town New World, Senior Pastor and President of Freedom Temple Ministries, Bishop Herbert C. Crump, Jr. talks about his journey from The United States Army to being head of the first minority congregation to own large property on Main Street Rock Hill. Pastor Crump talks about his work with Clinton…
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Old Town New World Podcast: Winthrop and Rock Hill with Gary Simrill

OTNW: Winthrop and Rock Hill with Gary Simrill

In this episode of Old Town New World, former SC representative and house majority leader Gary Simrill joins us to talk about his new role at Winthrop University. He tells us what drives him and about lessons he learned from both success and failure. We discuss the turmoil in modern politics and its impact on…
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