Chris Gervais Wins Schrader-Ray Storytelling Award for Short Film “Deathless”

We love sharing our team’s successes, both personal and professional. Resident videographer, graphic designer, and guitar shredder Chris Gervais wrote a short film called Deathless for some film friends in Atlanta. They produced and released it, and recently it’s been featured in film festivals around the region.

Last week, Chris received a last-minute notification that Deathless was nominated at a film festival organized by Sozo Bear Films. The film festival was held virtually with just a few individuals physically present. Chris watched the stream and was surprised when Amy Ray from Indigo Girls showed up and announced that the film he wrote had won the Schrader-Ray Storytelling Award. This award recognizes achievement in all aspects of storytelling in filmmaking.

This is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and we’re always proud when our team members achieve great things!

Watch the trailer for the short below.