RevenFlo Creates Animated Videos for Burkett Financial Services

When Burkett Financial Services (BFS) approached us about creating a marketing campaign based around their 20th anniversary, we developed a strategy that revolves around the phrase “20 Year Horizon”. This nods at their 20 years as a company, but it also focuses on an important factor of their business: planning for long-term goals.

BFS helps people achieve current and future financial success, so we wanted to create a series of videos that demonstrated what they’re capable of. Being us, we had to bring a certain creative flair to the project as well. What we landed on were animated shorts, each focusing on people with different life circumstances. This shows that anyone can achieve their financial goals with the right guidance.

We wrote and recorded the music, hand-animated the visuals, and hired professional voice actors to perform the scripts. The result is a series of optimistic stories about everyday folks achieving financial success with a little help from BFS. Creative marketing projects like this give us the opportunity to put passion and heart into something while giving the client strong, identifiable content to strengthen their brand image.

Watch the other two 20 Year Horizon videos we’ve created for BFS below: