RevenFlo Launches Strategic New Website for BASELoad

BASELoad news post image

BASELoad is a locally owned and operated healthcare data solutions company that works with healthcare payers across the nation, helping them save time and money with a wide range of services. We developed their previous website and were happy to work with them again on this one. One exciting element of this project were the two fun robot mascots created and animated into videos by BASELoad’s very own Brent Saltzman.

We started by updating their brand and logo to complement the new mascots. Then, we incorporated the new branding and robots into the website, which makes for a consistent look that feels unified across the website.

During the course of this project, we assisted BASELoad in developing a strategic new approach to how they describe and sell their solutions. This restructuring of their solutions ended up making for a more accessible website that really works with the clean, modern look. We are currently working on doing the same for the website of BASELoad’s other business, W-9 Corrections.

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