RevenFlo Produces Live Experience Video & Soundtrack for York Prep Academy

RevenFlo worked with York Preparatory Academy to create a video like no other they’ve made before it. Here’s what we did: We wrote a song and…

We wrote a song (an instrumental with a chorus of oh, oh, ohs). We sent them the song. A group students, under the guidance of their music teacher, learned to play the song. Then we showed up with mics and cameras. We set up in the gym, and the students played the song.

We then brought in the teachers, who had no idea what they were going to be asked to do. As they came in, we sang the oh, oh, ohs. The teachers each learned the song just by hearing it over and over again.

Then, when they were all in, we performed the song live all together – students playing, teachers singing – and we recorded the song live. Now the song is their theme song and sound track to their other videos: elementary school video, middle school video, and high school video.

See all five videos here:

Not only did the performance make for a great overview video, but the experience was a powerful one for teachers and staff and students alike.