RevenFlo Signs Airline Guitars for Online Sales through The Local Pickup

RevenFlo partners with Airline Guitars to sell their unique and crazy cool guitars through The Local Pickup.

Airline was originally a guitar brand from the 1960s. They were made in the US by VALCO and sold through Montgomery Ward. These guitars were not like your mainstream guitars. They were about modernistic design, futuristic engineering, and an iconic look.

You can find old Airlines now worth an increasing amount of money, but very few of them are playable beyond tinkering in the living room. They were made with a new technology called Res-o-glass (which is a fiber glass), and they just weren’t made to last. But they were cool if nothing else.

Eastwood Guitars, headquartered out of Canada, has rebooted the Airline brand and old guitar designs in the form of a chambered mahogany, well-made, gig-reliable, contemporarily engineered guitar.

These rebooted retro rock machines are only matched in cool by the artists who have played them like David Bowie, Jack White, PJ Harvey, and many more. Learn more about Airline Guitars.