RevenFlo Produces Documentary of Santa Cruz Guitars

We’ve been excited about releasing this video for months because working with manufacturers is one of our favorite things to do. Last summer we took a trip across the country to Santa Cruz, California to meet Richard Hoover and the rest of the Santa Cruz Guitar Company team. While there, we toured the facilities and…
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Web Series: The Local Pickup, Episode 14: ’57 Gretsch Rancher

This week on The Local Pickup, Jason and Chris (a couple fake cowboys) take a look at a 1957 Gretsch Rancher. This guitar is in great shape and sounds fantastic! Learn a little about the history of Gretsch, why this guitar looks the way it does, and how not to pronounce Gene Vincent’s “Be-Bop-A-Lula” on…
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The Local Pickup: 1960s Japanese Guitars

In Episode 4 of TLP, Jason and Chris talk about a few different guitars made in 1960s Japan and what makes them each so special and uniquely Japanese. During the ’60s, many American and Italian guitar companies outsourced manufacturing to Japan, which had a very distinct style that’s easy to pick out today. In this…
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wireframe web page

The Importance of Landing Pages

In this video, you’ll hear about the importance of having clear and effective landing pages so that potential customers are sent to the right place on your website. Doing this allows prospects to find the exact information they are looking for about your product or service, so they can easily take the next step, whatever that may be.…
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keyword research

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical to the content creation process. This video talks more about keyword research best practices and how to help Google display your website.    
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pay per click

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This video about Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing talks about utilizing this marketing strategy for your business  and how it can benefit your company to show up higher in Google search results.  
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Clarity is Key

In this video, you’ll learn about why clarity is crucial to your marketing strategy. Presenting a clear idea that makes sense is always going to draw positive feedback from your audience. The more your marketing can present a clear identity of who you are, the better your return will be.  
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