Video Portfolio

Applied Machinery Sales (AMS)

We produce lots of videos for AMS, the North American distributor of Merlo machines.


We produced a series of videos for a large mixed-use, nature-themed, residential development in South Carolina.

Johnson’s Roofing

We produced an “about us” video for Johnson’s Roofing Service (JRS).

Career Connect

We produced for York Technical College a series of videos for an initiative called Career Connect.

Steel Strings: The Sound of the Great Depression

Chapter One of a creative documentary about Great Depression era guitars produced for TheLocalPickup.

What’s Your 20 Year Horizon

We produced for Burkett Financial Services a series of creative videos that told the personal and financial stories of 4 different people/families over a 20 year period.

University Center

We created this video to detail the plans of the University Center project Rock Hill & Sidewalk Development unveiled this year. The development will bring jobs, housing, recreational activities, and more to Downtown Rock Hill.

Family Trust Federal Credit Union

Family Trust Federal Credit Union turns sixty and is proud of giving back. In this video, they ask, “What do you hope to be proud of at 60?”

Givolio for Givers

This video was made for our own product, Givolio, which is an online giving tool we created to help people give easier and more often. Our team and Givolio partners discuss what makes Givolio so great and the effect it can have on charitable giving.

Comporium ZipStream

Comporium’s ZipStream has changed the way Rock Hill employers do business. We asked business owners in the area about the advantages of ZipStream and how it’s affected them personally.